Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Vintage theme cards??

I wanted to make a vintage style card for my daughter's birthday but never feel I get the 'vintage' idea quite right. I used a free stamp which I knew she liked and papers that have lurked in my craft drawers for ages. A black doily and a bit of ribbon and lace combined with some paper flowers and 'voila' my creation completed.
Emma's Birthday Card

...and one for my box
 I was quite pleased and so carried on to make a second one for my card box. I'd love to know what you think please. Do they look vintage? How can I do vintage better??


  1. Good for you using the free stamps - I mean too but haven't quite got round to it. lovely cards, Jx

  2. Not sure if you know, but word verification is switched on on your blog, so lots of people my not leave a comment as they are so hard to read. Many challenges ask you to switch it off. Ignore this message if it's intentional, Jx