Friday, 31 August 2012

Going Potty !!

This  is the kind of gardening I never mind doing!!

This morning found me up extra early so I decided to start on a card for my mom to give to her gardener (someone too close to me to mention as it needs to stay secret until 13th September).

Mom fell in love with my set of Lakeland stamps and insisted I used them for his card.
"It must have his wellies and that wiggly worm" she said.

So here it is complete apart from the insert as  I've got to find some suitable words.

I used a texture stamp from my SeeDees Tropical set for the background and coloured the images with Promarkers. The plants were stamped directly onto the card but everything else stamped, cut out and then added. The wellies and flowerpots have been raised with foam tape and the wellies, ladybird, worm and handles of the tools have all been 3D glossed.

As I had stamped a few extra images I decided to carry on and use them up on a second card to pop in my box.

This time I added a watering can instead of the wellies and chose a snail instead of a worm.  Of course, with my love of snails that is almost inevitable


I hadn't got a shelf stamp or anything to resemble one so I drew my own with a fineline pen. Again I raised the watering can and the flowerpots with foam tape. The stack of plant pots was just some odd ones that I glued on top of each other.

Ooops!!! I've just realised I haven't 3D glossed the ladybird and snail, better go and do it now before I forget. 


  1. Great cards Angy. I was looking for the snail on the first one. I thought garden, and no snail? But there he is on the second one. I used to love Lakeland crafty bits. It's a shame they stopped doing them.
    Kate x

  2. Gorgeous! Sssssshhhhh, gotta keep that card secret!

  3. Thanks for your comment on my dragon card. When I made it first time around I either gave it to Marcus or Amias, knowing that Jo would appreciate the words! this time it's for one of my other son's little boys. I can't do a blog post about Hannah's card until after Thursday, because she sometimes looks at my blog.
    Hope the new term goes well for all of you.
    Kate x