Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Bear with Balloons

I was tidying a few bits and pieces off my craft worktop today and came across some balloon brads that I feel I've had in my stash forever. My daughter bought them for me but I've never really known what to use them on. As I needed to make a card pretty quickly for my 10 year old nephew I decided to put them to good use along with a Forever Friends Bear stamp that rarely comes out of the drawer and some paper I've also had for ages.

If I can get the link right I am going to enter this in the Sketch Saturday Challenge. sketchsaturday.blogspot.co.uk/


  1. Well done Angy. It's nice to see you back in blogland. Thanks for commenting on my posts today. I hope you manage to link this to your challenge. Kate x

  2. Hi again Angy, another lovely card. Thanks for emailing me & I'll test the word verification now - hope you didn't mind me saying, I was trying to help & I'm sure you'll notice an increase in comments with it off. Have a lovely day, Jx

  3. It worked! & no word verification asked for - it's such a pain isn't it! Jx